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Dear 23 You arrive at a time I have developed a new obsession. A thrill for sun rays brushing through the rain. A mystical fantasy I relate with. Defiance, even at the slightest hint of how nature should flow in a specific pattern. The sun rays affirm that maybe, we do not have to settle […]


TRIGGERS.   I am on a mumble rumble today, with no idea of whether my illegible scribble makes sense. But today, I am concerned about triggers. The little banana peel on the floor that slips you right back onto the dirty ground you were dusting yourself from. It seems like staring into a dark tunnel, […]

Dishonest prayers…

Rain. I am inclined to believe I have a secret fetish I share with the rain. Or so it seems for whenever it rains, my valves open and ideas spew. When I think about it though, rain is dangerous, it is like a piece of evidence that incriminates you for a crime you committed. It […]


21:07:2019 Its 3:00 o’clock in the morning and am craving. I must admit, I am one lazy lass. Do not take me too serious though, this is just but an excuse I use to hide away the fact that am an over thinker with a really short attention span and therefore jotting down my feelings […]

Answered Prayers.

Today, am not sharing my story. I think mine has been too monotonous. I would not even call this a story; it rather is her testimony. She sent me a text a few days ago. Rioba, I want your platform to share my story; maybe it will touch someone out there. Her voice was strong, […]


The realities of being a black woman rarely get highlighted as well as they were in the TV show; Insecure. A complex observance of the lives of two different women, opposites of each other, who represent the reality of who a woman can be. Created by Issa Rae and Larry Wilmore in the words of […]

Goodbye Innocence, Welcome Inner Sense

I do not miss the innocence I carried around in my mind, and the lack of experience because I wouldn’t try it out, or being called naïve simply because I didn’t understand the pure bliss; hitting like an electric voltage being surged up one’s body, that explodes from unending tingles; a result of satisfaction of […]

Goodbye 21,Hello 22.

22nd December 2017, three weeks of being in hospitals, with no clear indication of what was slowly killing me. The weight scale scared me, wouldn’t go beyond 45 kilos. Doctors tested one scary disease after another and all came back negative. Going back home, with my father supporting my weight, I had one prayer; “God […]


I thought being tough made me strong, Drove thrill out of not letting emotions take control, I ducked cupid blows and relied on logic… If I didn’t let them in, then they wouldn’t play. But we all slip at some point, don’t we? The question is, what next? Blossom, just blossom!!! The one word that […]