I am born a slave, chained to the social norms of this dark continent,
Where my sex is deemed weak they say we have no muscle;
They forget the pain we endure when we bear their young rascals
Where my sex is assumed mute just because mundane say so,
Where my beauty is said to be more paramount than my brain,
In pain of the assumptions, I hide beneath the beauty of my sex.
I am declared unable to perform the task of revolutionary thinking,
My incompetence, justified by single reckless mistakes of my fore-mothers,
After all, mother Evie convinced Adam to eat the forbidden fruit,
I am assumed not to have a mind to make the reasonable choice,
They believe I always select that which is collectively beneficial,
When my thoughts of development are jeered; I hide beneath the beauty of my sex
I ponder on thought, why is collective development unimportant to man,
Mine finds it selfish to destroy the beauty of progress for individual interest,
Isn’t it beauty to quench the thirst of poor leadership, slavery and poverty
Isn’t it beauty, when we lend our mind so that they can explore possibilities,
Ideologies as well, of the thoughts we keep hidden inside our beauty.
Termed alien, the thoughts I voice, I hide beneath the beauty of my sex
I have a mind brighter than Saturn, constantly calculating the best move
A move holistically beneficial for those I bear and those of whom I care
I calculate on probabilities of prosperity faster than the thoughts of my calamity
I have the desire to raise my voice in an aim to raise mother Africa
But them am told to shush and save my words for my self-chat in my grave
The pain i feel within my soul, i hide beneath the beauty of my sex
They call my empowerment the doomnation of the earth
My prosperity they deem a result of favors and sex
My ideas they say can only apply as far as I utter them
Its an abomination for them to sit and listen to them
It’s worse a crime to voice my ideas to them
To mask my hurt, I hide beneath the beauty of my sex
My melanin seems to be my curse, after all, it’s what unites us all,
The darker my melanin the more I cannot express how I feel,
Society believes I am an object, a tool meant for the kitchen
Despite my thoughts of revolution, my life changing ideas
I turn back and shun my visions from their evil stares
In my little cocoon of peace, hide beneath the beauty of my sex