Dear 23

You arrive at a time I have developed a new obsession. A thrill for sun rays brushing through the rain. A mystical fantasy I relate with. Defiance, even at the slightest hint of how nature should flow in a specific pattern. The sun rays affirm that maybe, we do not have to settle for less. My rebellion just like that of the rays, best saved for situations deemed impossible to me before. We can penetrate the biggest of storms, set our thrones and dominate. Just like you are about to do with me. A little glimmer of hope and a ray of light that sets calm to my storms.

Dear 23

I want you to come in like a storm because I am ready to tackle the challenges you have in store for me. I am not going to cower like I did months before, neither will I swear at the souls that get a rile out of stepping on my toes. I want you to come hard at me like a tornado because I am done playing by the comfort-zone. I want to swing my petite hands at the tasks you assign and hope somehow, they get done. Squeak, clean, and neat. In another world, I would say I am ready for the big fight.

Dear 23

I know this might sound crazy, but when 22 came around, I felt a cloud. I felt like the clouds of uncertain smoke puffed off a cigarette, blown by the wind from one place to another but bounced back safely until it fades away. Smoke would never get hurt by bouncing off on walls, but imagine my wretched soul.

Cigarettes are not my niche, but then the act can be fascinating to watch. He blows smoke and plays with it in his fingers, trying to crash it while it slips away from his grasp. While his fingers would be a threat to the smoke, no matter how hard he tried to grasp it, the dancing waves of white slipped in between his fingers laughing at him wickedly as he tried to grasp again. The reckless tangles we dance to with our lives and escape alive. It’s nothing short of a miracle. Smoke is defiant you know. So sure of itself. As it gets blown, it dances with the wind back into the arms of its slave and slips away one more time.

Dear 23

Frankly, when I said 22 was challenging, I was speaking from a state of delirium and self-pity. I am over that now. Speaking positivism into existence- well and acting on it too. I hear it is the way for us demigods. Despite what I thought was a challenging year, 22 was just the best stair I ever climbed. Two jobs in a year, my graduation, I became an aunt… Let’s say it was a year of finding self-love and happiness. I would go on but why dwell in the past when I await your arrival. I feel content with the steps I have made this far, but I await more; granted they are deserved. Those little steps a babe makes arouse happiness within us and we do not mind if they slip, for the first step is what we wanted. I promise to rejoice at every little step, for often, instead of being proud of those small strides, we get tempted to covet that which seems greater yet not our own.

Dear 23

A little advice for you. I do not promise you a smooth sailing. I will burn you as hard as I burn those calories in the gym. I will work you as hard as a slave from time to time when you have to juggle between work and school. But believe me you, all I do, I do out of love. I know what you are capable of and I sure as hell will not sit around and see you under perform. I want you to never look back and say, damn, I wasted my 365 days with Rioba. But for every toil you make, you will be rewarded for it. It will never be in vain. I do not want you to compare yourself to the rest, I want you to remember you are your own competition. Toil hard for you, aim to be better on day 57 than on day 33. Cheers to new beginnings all the same. No more dwelling on life lessons, we only look forward to the future and take new strides, hope that we step on no landmines because there is a pain that hits when a life is lost young due to recklessness.


I may sound intoxicated, but the only intoxication is the joy from the imagination of the woman I will become.

after 365 more sun downs, I will come back and reaffirm;

23 hit me just right again. A glorious year of rejuvenated self love, and a hand extended love to it too. A year that is going to trickle gaiety.
Long moments of happiness ensuing from within and without. A year of empire building and wealth immersion.
Yes ,I believe .
And sell out a decree ,that 23 is going to yield bounty success!

Like a wise man once said, the HallMark of greatness- Know specifically what you want